Enter the world of high-quality digital photography with the camera system you already own. Silicon Film's EFS-1 is a digital imaging system that turns your 35mm SLR into a high-quality digital camera.

Experiment with new photo techniques and subjects without the added expense of printing every shot.

Use your existing 35mm SLR lenses, attachments and advanced camera features with more flexibility than ever before.

Product availability is expected following the completion of product testing, field testing and agency certification of EFS-1, planned to be completed in the fall, 2000. We anticipate we will begin taking pre-orders, via our Website, for EFS-1 in advance of a confirmed shipping date. Both the pre-order and shipping dates will be announced on the Home Page of this Website when confirmed.

"Going Digital is a Snap"

*First shipments of EFS-1 are designed specifically for the following camera bodies: Canon EOS 1N, Canon EOS A2/5; Nikon F-5, Nikon N-90/F90, Nikon F-3. Additional model compatibility will be posted on this website as EFS Products become available.

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