A common phenomenon of digital image sensors that are adapted to film cameras (e.g. Kodak, Nikon, Canon, Minolta and others) is the impact of the sensor's physical size on the viewfinder's field of view (FOV), and the apparent focal length of the lens being used on the camera. In most cases, the concentration of pixels on the sensor makes up an area smaller than the size of a 35mm film frame. This means that the sensor does not capture the entire scene as depicted in the viewfinder.
EFS-1 uses its concentrated field of view for highest-quality image capture. The image in figure A represents what you see through the viewfinder of your 35mm SLR camera using a standard 50mm lens. The physical dimensions are approximately 36mm x 24.5mm. The center section is the field of view for Silicon Film's EFS-1. It covers the 10.8mm x 8.6mm center "sweet spot" of the frame. Should you choose to use it, a visual guide is included to outline precisely EFS-1 field-of-view as you look through the viewfinder.

Figure B depicts the telephoto effect of EFS-1. The sensor concentrates 1.3 million pixels on the center "sweet spot," producing high-resolution image capture of the selected subject. Future sensors will be larger, providing a larger field of view to meet the needs of photographers who require it.

A fast 200mm F2.8 lens effectively becomes a 570mm F2.8 lens with EFS-1's concentration of 1.3 million pixels. To determine the "effective focal length" of your desired lens, multiply the lens focal length (e.g. 200mm) by 2.85 (e.g. 200mm x 2.85 = 570mm for EFS-1). To achieve a wider field of view with EFS-1, choose a wider-angle lens (e.g. 35mm, 20mm, etc.) for your SLR.

Here are some examples of higher-end digital cameras currently on the market, and how they compare to EFS-1:

Camera Model
"Street" Price
Focal Length Multiplier
Kodak DCS 560
Kodak DCS 620
Nikon D1
Kodak DCS 315
Silicon Film EFS-1
Below $800.00
* Future Silicon Film products will have lower focal multipliers to meet the needs of photographers.

A major benefit of using Silicon Film's EFS-1 is that you can expand the use and creativity of your current SLR system investment, and have the flexibility of choosing either film or digital capture, depending on your shooting requirements.


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