Silicon Film Technologies Teams with PictureVision™ To Offer Online Photo Processing Solution For EFS Customers

PictureVision Brings Key Component To Silicon Film's Internet Business

IRVINE, CA. (January 11, 2000) - Silicon Film Technologies, Inc. today announced an agreement with PictureVision, Inc. of Herndon, VA to provide online photo and merchandising fulfillment services for users of Silicon Film's Electronic Film System (EFS™) through PictureVision's Print Station for PhotoNet™ online software. PictureVision is the largest application service provider in the rapidly expanding online photography marketplace and has a worldwide presence in the transmission, archiving, printing and distribution of digital images. PictureVision's technology and infrastructure provide the foundation for digital photography services such as Kodak PhotoNet™ online and AOL's "You've Got PicturesSM."

"By teaming with PictureVision, our EFS customers can capture digital photos with their own film cameras, and through PhotoNet they can process those pictures over the Internet from anywhere in the world," said Douglas Howe, Silicon Film's chief marketing officer. Howe added that Silicon Film's business model is based on a focused electronic retailing ("e-tailing") presence with direct sales of its digital imaging products. "To succeed as a full system e-tailer, it is important that we offer a complete set of services for our customers. This agreement with PictureVision provides a complete end-to-end solution," Howe said.

Silicon Film's first generation electronic film system, called EFS-1™, is designed to provide a convenient and affordable way for owners of traditional 35mm SLR film cameras to participate in the explosive growth of digital photography. The EFS system's (e)film™ Cartridge fits into the camera's film compartment and is designed to allow users to enjoy the features and functions of their SLR camera system while capturing digital pictures, all without any modification to the camera itself. Under this agreement, Silicon Film will distribute to EFS users the MGI Print Station for PhotoNet Software utilizing PictureVision technology, and those customers will have access to the digital image fulfillment services of Kodak's PhotoNet™ online.

"From inception it has been our intention at Silicon Film to focus on what we do best and form alliances with leaders in their respective fields," said Robert I. Webber, president and CEO of Silicon Film. "PictureVision's reputation and market presence add tremendous value in meeting our customers' needs for fast and convenient online photo processing, storage and distribution. And this agreement provides Silicon Film a source of recurring revenues from the use of PhotoNet services," Webber said.

"We are very excited about adding Silicon Film to our extensive list of photo-centric partners," said acting PictureVision CEO David MacWhorter. "This partnership demonstrates the versatility of the PictureVision engine and how it can be applied to virtually any type of photo-sharing opportunity including applications for traditional SLR camera users."

About PictureVision Inc.

Based in Herndon, VA, PictureVision, Inc., the pioneer in online photography, is an independently operated, majority owned subsidiary of Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: EK). Its core technology provides the foundation for digital photography services such as Kodak PhotoNet™ online, AOL's ``You've Got PicturesSM ,'' Sony's ImageStation on PhotoNet™ as well as leading image editing software programs such as MGI's Photosuite™ and Microsoft's PictureIt™. The company provides the imaging industry with turn-key technologies and solutions for profitably increasing sales by leveraging the evolution to digital photography. PictureVision's premier product, Kodak PhotoNet™ online, allows consumers to easily see, share, store and use their photos on their computers simply by having their film developed and uploaded by any one of thousands of participating PhotoNet™ retailers. For more information about PictureVision Inc., please visit or .

About Silicon Film Technologies, Inc. Founded in 1998, Silicon Film Technologies, Inc. is the developer of the Electronic Film System, a revolutionary digital photo system that turns a conventional film camera into a digital system without camera modifications. The company has pioneered advanced research and development in CMOS sensor implementation and micro-miniaturization of imager packaging, and holds patents on many aspects of the technology. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Silicon Film Technologies, Inc. is a subsidiary of Irvine Sensors Corporation (NASDAQ: IRSN). For more information, please visit

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