Yaacov Ben-Yaacov, Founder of PictureVision™ and PhotoNet™ Joins Board of Silicon Film Technologies

New Director Brings Additional Digital Imaging and Internet Experience to Company

IRVINE, CA (April 13, 2000) --- Silicon Film Technologies, Inc. today announced the appointment of Yaacov Ben-Yaacov to its board of directors. Mr. Ben-Yaacov brings to Silicon Film over 10 years experience in digital imaging and key contacts in the photography industry. In addition, he has a proven track record in establishing strategic alliances and in growing technology companies.

Mr. Ben-Yaacov is a founder of PictureVision and its industry-leading PhotoNet Online photo processing and fulfillment services. At PictureVision, he established relationships with key players in the photography, consumer electronics and software industries, including Kodak, America Online, Sony, Canon, Microsoft, MGI, Adobe, and Ricoh. PictureVision is now a majority-owned, independently operated subsidiary of Eastman Kodak. Mr. Ben-Yaacov is also one of the founders and currently CEO of Yazam.com, a company focused on accelerating start-up technology companies to successful business implementation.

"Mr. Ben-Yaacov's many contacts in the digital imaging industry, keen understanding of Internet-based commerce and considerable skills in negotiating strategic alliances will make him a valuable addition to our board," said Robert I. Webber, President and CEO of Silicon Film. "We met Mr. Ben-Yaacov during our last round of financing through OffRoad Capital, and in addition to representing those investors, we expect him to play a key role in growing our business and expanding our strategic alliances."

"I'm very pleased to serve on the board of Silicon Film," said Mr. Ben-Yaacov. "My relationships and experience in all aspects of digital imaging will enable me to contribute to the successful execution of Silicon Film's business plan. This is an exciting time in digital imaging and Silicon Film presents a unique and compelling value proposition in image capture, transfer, storage and sharing."

About Silicon Film

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