Silicon Film Technologies Promotes COO to CEO
Former Kodak Executive to Lead Company Into Next Phase of Business

IRVINE, CA --- May 5, 2000 --- Silicon Film Technologies Inc., a leader in the development of electronic film hardware and software, today announced the promotion of Kenneth P. Fay to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company. Mr. Fay joined Silicon Film in February 2000 as Chief Operating Officer and brings extensive digital manufacturing and operations experience to his new responsibilities. He was also elected to membership on Silicon Film's Board of Directors. Robert Webber, the former President and CEO, remains with Silicon Film as a Director.

Most recently, Mr. Fay served as Vice President, Digital & Applied Imaging for the Eastman Kodak Company and as the executive director of Chinon Industries Inc., Kodak's digital camera manufacturing subsidiary in Nagano, Japan.

"Silicon Film is poised to make the transition from a development stage company to an operating company, an environment in which my years of manufacturing and operations experience are directly relevant," said Mr. Fay. "Rob Webber has done a remarkable job of assembling the talent and resources to bring us to this point, and I welcome the challenge of continuing this pattern of success as we move into the next phase of our business."

"One of the primary challenges of any manager is recruiting his successor, an objective that was particularly focused on the part of Silicon Film because of the differing requirements of the development and operational phases of our plan. With the addition of Ken Fay to our strong management team, which includes Doug Howe, former President of Vivitar, and several industry veterans, I now feel comfortable in passing the baton for day-to-day management and implementation of the Silicon Film operating plan," said Robert I. Webber, former President & CEO. "I will continue to provide strategic guidance, networking and support in my role as a director." Mr. Webber has been appointed President and a director of MindArrow Systems, Inc. (OTC: ARRW), a leader in web-based interactive marketing communications. With offices in Silicon Valley, New York and Hong Kong, MindArrow's headquarters are located in Orange County, California.

Founded in 1998, Silicon Film Technologies, Inc. is the developer of the Electronic Film System, a revolutionary system of hardware and software components designed to permit a conventional 35mm film camera capture, store and transmit digital photos without camera modifications. The company has pioneered advanced research and development in CMOS sensor implementation and micro-miniaturization of imager packaging, and holds patents on many aspects of the technology. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., Silicon Film Technologies, Inc. is a majority-owned, independently operated subsidiary of Irvine Sensors Corporation (NASDAQ: IRSN). For more information, please visit


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